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The Observatoire de la ville intérieure was established in September 2002 in order to connect the work of researchers and administrators, in both the public and private sectors, who have a stake in the development of underground spaces within the urban landscape.

During its start-up phase, from 2002 to 2005, l'Observatoire received an important grant from the Fonds de développement de la métropole, a special fund created by the Québec Department of municipal affairs. Financial support also came and is still coming from private firms, as part of their donations to Université de Montréal's Foundation. The City of Montréal is a major partner whose financial contribution is attached to specific assignments aimed at helping the economic development and planning service as well as the elected officials develop in an optimal way the underground pedestrian network RÉSO and more generally speaking the entire indoor city.

Michel Boisvert, professor in the School of urban planning at Université de Montréal, has been appointed as head of the Observatoire from the very beginning. He is well known in the field of planning for the urban underground and he gathered around him over the years many Faculty members and professionals who help, each one at his or her own pace, reaching the objectives of the Observatoire.

Since April 2010, Michel Boisvert is a retired professor from the Institut d'urbanisme but he is still involved as a research associate. A new head for the Observatoire should be appointed shortly.

Importance of Custom Pole Buildings

Some buildings in Alberta have been constructed using poles. Pole building has proved to be effective and most Albertans have resolved to use new techniques to prove that such structures can stand all odds of environmental conditions. Custom Pole Buildings Alberta have resolved to do further research studies to establish the modern techniques that used to enhance the technology of pole buildings. It has been a tradition in some part of Alberta for people to continue using pole-building technology to construct modern houses. Most construction companies have resolved to become a builder of custom pole buildings. The companies are keel on using techniques that can withstand any environmental condition.

Studies have experimented the use of poles in building and construction. It has proven that pole building can just withstand any environmental condition just as concrete building. However, pole building needs incorporated external support to support it to become a long-lasting structure. This may include an overhang options for pole buildings. In Alberta, an overhang on a pole building serves a major functional purpose of protecting the building to several degrees. This is not only its function as it also exposes the visual appeal of the structure.

In Alberta, several companies are in the business of offering affordable pole building solutions to the community. Companies have become more competitive and they strive hard to ensure that the pole buildings they construct are of high quality and meet the required standards regarded as a structure that fit for a human being to live inside. Companies also continue offering custom pole building options to continue the tradition of using a pole to construct houses. This aspect has seen architectures use contemporary technologies such as the Computer Aided Design technique to transform images into real buildings that are appealing and well designed.

Pole building is not only applicable for housing. Some Albertans use them in constructing carports, barns, shops, and garages among others. However, it needs a lot of expertise to come up with an appealing structure of any of the above-mentioned structures. Architects are very keen to use plans that will see the building lasts for a longer time. Regarding this, most architects can determine the client's desire and put it into reality. Most people have been relying on pole building since the materials are easily available, and they are not costly as compared to using other materials.

Since the invention of pole building in Alberta, engineers have been keen to construct long lasting buildings, which is a priority. Some companies formed as early as 1800 were keen to enhance research, which has always seen the technique of using poles in constructing buildings become more appealing. Engineers work on a client’s idea and assist them to fit their needs. Alberta has several custom pole buildings, which has seen several changes over time.

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